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We Make Publishing A Book Possible

The owner is a  Christian book publisher that has helped hundreds of authors just like you publish their books. We are people who believe in stories and how stories can change the world.

We’re committed to the art of telling those stories with our hands as much as we do with our hearts. We respect that books are indeed judged by their cover and we delight in the craftsmanship required to do it well. Many of us have gone through trials and tribulations that we have never expressed. We carry it in our hearts and often times the pain serves as a handcuff to our future. We help individuals pour their pain out through their pen so healing can come into their lives and can be used to help deliver others out of similar areas of bondage.

Crystal  is here to help you tell your side of the story. Have you survived the unthinkable? Have you overcome the impossible? Are there pages of your past that you have never let anyone read? Then we are here to help you write your book. Pain is a powerful teacher and often times we fail the test because we do not understand the purpose behind the affliction. At Crystal Clear Creations, we believe that the darkest chapters of your days are for the brightest chapters of your neighbor’s future. Your affliction had to occur to birth a testimony that can help to deliver someone else. At minimum, as your write your story, you will be able to acknowledge all of the things that you have overcome. You are stronger than you knew you were.

We have a passion for helping people sharing their untold story

Getting Self-Published

Self-publishing gives you the freedom to choose how you want your book published, what you want your book to look like, and how your book is marketed.

Book Publishing & Ghostwriting

We specialize in the publishing of high-quality books for first-time church leaders and those with a testimony. We believe publishing gives authors the opportunity to pour their pain out through their pens and when the finish they will realize they are stronger than they knew they were. Our custom publishing solutions fit a variety of budgets and publishing timelines.

  • We critique, edit and proofread your manuscript
  • We provide ghostwriters to write your entire story.
  • We create your custom cover and help you with title creation.
  • We collaborate with you to get the paper and binding you want.
  • We handle all the details to register your book on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles & other local retailers.
  • We help you conceive and complete your cover design and page layout.
  • We coordinate and direct the final printing and shipping of your finished books.
  • We support your marketing and distribution efforts.
  • We even handle your ebook conversion and distribution.
  • Let us build a professional book publishing plan for you

Are you our client? Do you:

  • Desire to be in control of all aspects of their project including creative, editorial and timeline
  • Want complete ownership of their intellectual property both before and after publication
  • Demand unsurpassed quality in everything they do and represent
  • Prefer to simplify the process by having one firm coordinate the entire project
  • Place a high value on individual service, personal attention, and professionalism


Our ghostwriting services are designed to help you achieve your publishing goals. From the initial planning stages to the moment you crack open the first page of your book, we will be your very own dedicated ghostwriter, editor, professional consultant, and industry expert. The ghostwriter will be responsible for developing the drafts and revising them per your feedback.

Website Design

Everyone knows blogging is one of the most powerful marketing tools for an author. Get a website, branded for you, to establish your platform, connect with fans, publish new content, and build an email list. You can even sell copies of your book!

Promotional Videos

We’ll professionally produce a trailer for your book and post it online for the world to see on YouTube™, the premier video posting website and GodTube™, a video sharing platform offering online Christian videos with faith-based, family friendly content.

FaceBook Advertising

Social media is where it’s at. Build your fan base on the world’s most popular social media platform with your very own official author page, and use the power of Facebook’s second-to-none ad campaigns to find your future readers.


Promotional Materials

Business cards, flyers, bookmarks, t-shirts, retractable banner creation and more. We can create all of the items needed for your next book signing.

Have you always wanted to write a book but didn’t know where to begin? Have you always thought it would be just a dream? At Crystal Clear Publishing, we offer all the basic tools you need to get you started on your publishing journeys, such as cover and interior customization, image insertions, online distribution, and a lot more for up to 100 pages. 


  • Digital Formatting and Distribution (E-Book)
  • Paperback Publishing
  • Cover & Standard Interior Formatting
  • Electronic Proofs of Your Book
  • Interior Revisions
  • One-On-One Author Support & Coaching
  • Online Distribution thru Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CreateSpace and Other Book Retailers


  • Paperback Author Copy
  • 5 Paperback Copies


  • Promotional Flyers
  • Promotional Business Cards
  • Author Facebook Page

Add-On Services Available

  • Ghostwriting
  • ISBN Registration
  • Hard book Formatting
  • Promotional Materials: Bookmarks
  • Promotional Materials: Business Cards
  • Promotional Materials: Postcards
  • Promotional Videos

Disclaimer: Prices listed do not include any applicable sales, use, excise, value-added, goods and services, or other tax, which will be added to the total at the time of purchase.