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With hearts filled with compassion, they desire to meet the need for those they encounter whether it’s in ministry, business, or during times of loss and sadness. We desire to be a voice of comfort and reason to assist family members of the bereaved in walking the last mile with their loved ones. It is their desire for families to experience the comfort of the Lord as they navigate the final arrangements and plan for the celebration of life for their loved one who has transitioned. Whether it’s assisting with writing the obituaries, words of encouragement, and the eulogy, or designing and laying out the tribute books or programs, we are here for you. Continue to explore our specialty End of Life Services then contact us directly to let us know how we can help support you and your family through some of life’s most difficult moments.

Helping You Find The Words When You Just Don’t Have The Words To Say….

What We Offer

Our Specialty End of Life Services

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Custom Programs

Funeral programs can provide a more organized experience during the funeral for guests and the family of the deceased. Our programs are custom designed and available as a traditional bi-fold and booklet. During a time of grief, organization and simplicity are important. But the creation of a funeral program shouldn’t be a burden or another source of stress. Let our team handle this so you can focus on what matters most to you.

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Tribute Videos

Our memorial tribute videos are a great way to honor your loved one. We will create a slideshow using your photos or videos with music that you’ll be able share with friends and family on social media or as a keepsake DVD.

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Custom Poems

Poetry is a beautiful expression of love and compassion. Let our team help you create the perfect farewell poem for your loved one. Perfect for programs, tribute pictures and more.

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Share the news of your loved ones transition with a custom designed graphic letting others know important arrangement information.

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Obituary Writings

In times of loss, the task of writing an obituary can be daunting. It can be difficult remembering the most important facts about your loved one. Our team can assist you with summarizing the life of your loved ones with a quick virtual, over the phone or in office walk through to discuss the details and begin the process of writing with a fast delivery.

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Eulogy Writings

Let our time team help you summarize the dash of your loved ones. We’re available to help you find the words to say when you may not even have the strength to speak. Our custom written eulogies can be included in tribute books, kept as keepsakes, or be read at the home-going celebration.

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Live Streaming & Recording

Because death does not make an announcement, it is hard for families to be able to travel at the spur of a moment to be able to attend the funeral. Our live-streaming options bring the homegoing celebration to you. Whether it’s graveside or in a church, our team is available to make sure your family and friends are available to watch the service on Facebook, YouTube, or online via our professional streaming website.

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Repass or Memorial Backdrops

Our team is available to design beautiful 8ft x 8ft banners featuring a collage of images of your loved ones to be showcased at the repass or memorial celebration.

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Repast Catering & Venue Rentals

Need someone to cater the food for the repast? Need a venue to host your family and guests? Contact us directly to our available venue spaces and menu options. Let us focus on the food while you focus on your family. Venue- only rental options are available as well in partnership with Con-Ed Resource Center.

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